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Blindness Linked With Viagra

In the light of the recent reports brought by the researchers at U of M that claims that Viagra has caused NAION or also known as non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy, Pfizer Inc., the manufacturer of the most used drug for the erectile dysfunction, has claimed there is not any conclusive proof Viagra would cause blindness.

The spokesperson for Pfizer Inc., did confirm the drug manufacture has been in discussions with US FDA about adding the disclosure to the Viagra label which would say that in some very rare cases, some men that would be taking the drug have developed the blindness.

A spokesperson had further went to add, the men that take Viagra will often have very high blood pressure, possible diabetes and very high cholesterol, that may be associated with this condition that can cause the NAION.

Reports that Viagra could cause the NAION would have been first brought to surface by a Dr. Howard Pomeranz, MD a eye specialist back in 2000, where he had initially reported cases of men who had developed the NAION not long after taking the Viagra. Since this many cases of the NAION had been reported after taking the drug. In the study that had been published by the Dr., he had noted the total was to be 14 that had developing the NAION maybe due to taking Viagra. FDA confirmed they were also investigating some similar reports that approximately involve 50 men.

Pfizer does now admit that few Viagra users reported the loss of their vision, the company insists that there’s not enough information to support the claims of the Viagra being the cause of blindness. Pfizer does maintain that Viagra does cause some vision issues, they not common but may occur, which would be bluish or even blurred vision, or even more sensitivity to light. Pfizer way be considering changing their warning labels, this company is not prepared to admit Viagra could cause the blindness.

In order to make things into the right context, up to date there has been well over 23,000,000 Viagra users, out of all of them around 50 men have been reporting the blindness or, the non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (NAION) in the past 7 years. Viagra has received most of the reports of the blindness in the men taking the impotence drug, the other impotence treatments in this market have also reported some cases of the blindness or the NAION.

According to the Pfizer Inc., other then the Viagra clinical trials all of the reports of the extreme visual loss has been rare due to the NAION. The ones who has had bad eyesight, will also have the higher chance for getting NAION according to the experts. People that have diabetes, or even hypertension or the very high cholesterol could also be at a larger risk for the NAION. None of the systematic disorders are completely associated with the eye disease, but the diabetes accounts would only be for a small amount of cases. The disease could be truly disabling, especially if both of the eyes would be affected.

Things still are out there pertaining to Viagra causing the blindness, Pfizer is standing very firmly behind their drug and the effectiveness.

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