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Prediction of prostate cancer and obesity

Everyone is trying to reduce the weight because they know that obesity is the second name of disease. Obese people suffer from lot of diseases in which high blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases are common one. Problems are not ended here but obese people suffer from many difficulties during treatment of many diseases. In this study cancer is a hot topic discussed because as previous studies suggested that people around the world is suffering from many type of cancer. Breast cancer in women and lung cancer in men was too common. Medical science is trying to make such kind of medicines and treatment which can be able to reduce these types of cancer.

Researcher found the relation between cancer and obesity of people. It is important to know that this relationship does not explain the cause and effect of this problem. But this study explains that obesity produces barrier during treatment of prostate cancer. Dr. Eric Horwitz said, there must be a relationship exists between obesity and prostate and treatment also effect due to over weightiness. He added that it does not mean that radiation is not effective but it looks not as effective as it is. But any how it is better to treat through radiation rather to leave to ineffectiveness due to obesity.

Researcher also found the different effect in percentages due to obesity in cancer. He found that about 3 percent people relapsed in cancer and spreading of cancer rate is about 7 percent. Also 15 percent of the death rate in prostate cancer has been increased in obese cases and 5 percent are dying due to other reasons. Another researcher having some perceptions that obesity has increased more than two times in last 4 decade of the years. And overweight people on the same time suffer from many type of the cancer in which its relation with prostate cancer is not confirmed.

For other than the obese people, they have some other option for treatment in prostate cancer condition but overweight people have only one option that is radiation. Surgical option is just for the normal weight persons and not suitable for obese, Horwitz said. One study is based on 1440 people from 2001 to 2010. They had an average age 68 and were treated in prostate cancer condition. In a result they survived no more than four years. So expert says there is very less chance of recovery in prostate cancer for obese people.

Horwits said the purpose of this study might be to urge on any other medical treatment for obese people in prostate condition. For this purpose we can combine two different treatments together, hormone therapy and radiation, for the sake of the better results, he concluded.

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