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Viagra is a very effective drug in combating impotence Sildenafil Citrate Erectile dysfunction and its causes What does impotence mean? What are the main causes of Impotence?

What are the main causes of Impotence?

Impotence is a great sexual problem that does not allow its victim to do sexual intercourse with the partner. There are great numbers of people who have suffered or suffering from this sexual problem. Some people think this sexual problem only hits man not woman but it is not true because the chances of getting impotence are high in both gender. It depends upon the people that how they change their life style in order to prevent it. When we see the life style most of the people then we do not find any healthy activities in their daily schedule. Furthermore, their food is not good too. Most of the people prefer to eat junk food in their lunch and dinner. There are enormous numbers of disadvantages of taking junk food but people still prefer to eat it.

How junk food or unhealthy food makes a person impotent? Many people do not have the answer to this question. Here I am going to tell you about it in details. Basically, an impotent person does not face any major health problem. The only problem is with his penile erection. He can either cannot get it or maintain it. Whatever the case is, the man will be called as impotent person. Only that person can get penile erection whose blood flow increases with the increase in sexual desire. Using junk food in excess blocks the pathway of blood and thus reduces the blood flow. This is due to the deposition of fats and oils present in junk food in great amount. So when the person becomes sexually excited, the blood flow rate does not reach to that value which is necessary in order to make the penis stiff and hard. In such a way, the normal person becomes impotent. This was the one cause of male impotence. There are many other causes too in which diabetes, depression, spinal cord injury, heart disease, liver or kidney disease and high blood pressure are included. A person suffering from any of the following cause has the maximum chances of becoming impotent.

In present days, male impotence is being treated by three different ways i.e. electronic pump, surgical method and through medicines. The most preferable way of treatment is the use of medicines. Experienced doctors prescribe the best medicine to their patients for male impotence treatment. Besides this, they also tell their patient about the dose they need to take. It has been seen that many users of medicines get side effects due to the overdose of medicine. To avoid such things, the user must follow the doctor’s advice and should only take the recommended dose of medicine. It is important to tell you here that medicines for male impotence treatment do not work effectively if they are taken along with certain medicines. So If you have to take this medicine, then you must tell your doctor about those medicines too which you are already taking. This will help the doctor to prescribe you the right medicine.

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