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Nature is ever changing and is in control of everything in our physical universe. Though man thinks that he can master nature, it is not possible to do so, for his understanding of nature's ways and works is very little. There is much more to the mystery of the universe and nature as well as the man himself that we know little about.

Nature has a natural rhythm of life that it maintains. The entire web of the physical world that we see is made up of five elements and their combinations. The elements are earth, water, air, fire and ether. Take any format of life and you will find that the physical manifestation of life is made up different combinations of the above elements of earth.

The other most significant aspect of the earth and nature is that it is self generating and balancing itself. The self generating aspect is present in each and every individual living organism, be it an animal or man. Nature provided for both the sexes to enable the living beings to propagate themselves. Though there are other ways of propagation of species in nature, man has been programmed to find a suitable mate and beget progeny.

In some of the oriental cultures, one of the main duties ascribed to man laid down in the scriptures happens to be that of furthering the family tree. Even at an individual level, the mental makeup in both man and woman is to yearn for an offspring. This is an inbuilt instinct. Psychologically speaking, the yearning for a child is different from the desire for sex. Since both these are closely related, people do make mistakes and end up having unwanted pregnancies and fatherhood. Begetting a child, an offspring is something that is very personal to each and every individual. As much as lack of sex can drive a person crazy, a childless couple or a man or woman can take it to heart seriously too.

Somehow in all cultures, fathering a child and raising a family has been looked upon as a measure of success of the man. In case of woman too, her ability to bear children and raise them gives her the stamp of approval and acceptance from the spouse as well as the family and society at large. In the olden days, to further the progeny men were known to take more than one wife and in some societies this was an accepted custom too.

When the basic instinct, desire and the expectations of one's spouse, family as well as the social order is hinged on the man and his progeny, it is possible to imagine the kind of catastrophe that befalls him when he finds that he is impotent. Be it due to some accident, health issue or natural condition, impotence can rob man of his identity and of his being itself. Though people believe that women suffer emotionally and psychologically when they are unable to bear a child, you may be surprised to know that men tend to suffer more for, it is not only their desire but their sense of self worth and esteem takes a beating too. No amount of education or modern views can help the man, if he takes it to his heart and chooses to suffer.

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