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Viagra is a very effective drug in combating impotence Sildenafil Citrate Erectile dysfunction and its causes What does impotence mean? What are the main causes of Impotence?

Viagra is a very effective drug in combating impotence

Pfizer, a leading pharmaceutical company, is serving its customers worldwide satisfactorily through its well known product Viagra since 1998. Many men in the world are suffering from impotence, it is really worrisome for the people. Pfizer is providing its honest services to help people having impotence. Viagra is a drug designed to help men with erection problems to achieve erection. This humiliating disease is increasing now-adays due to our careless eating habits and emotional traumas. Viagra by Pfizer is a very effective drug in combating impotence. It is useful and safe to use in men of every age.

The drug is available in the form of the tablets having blue color so it is also known by the name of “BLUE PILL “. The drug works by increasing the concentration of cGMP, the vessel relaxant or chief dilator of the smooth muscles of the penis, by decreasing the degradation of cGMP by an enzyme phosphodiesterase- 5. The drug works mainly by inhibiting the enzyme which in turn helps to increase the level of cGMP in the smooth vessels of the penis. Greater the concentration of cGMP, more the erection is there. It is really a wonderful drug to help the out the people having impotence problem. To achieve the full desired effects of the drug both the partners should also be sexually active.

It should be noted that the drug should be taken with care because excessive intake of Viagra can result in lowering of blood pressure which can have harmful effects on the body. Similarly a person taking Nitrates drugs should never use Viagra simultaneously, as their combination can result in serious hypotension which can have serious outcomes as well. Care should be taken by the persons who are also taking beta blockers and erythromycin. Possible side effects of the drug are visual disturbances, dizziness, flushing, headache, diarrhea, dyspepsia, hearing difficulties and priapism-painful erection. These symptoms usually go away after some time but in case they remain there, the physician should be consulted before taking the drug again.

The available doses of the drug are 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. The drug administration should be limited to once per 24 hours and no more to avoid fatal lowering of the normal blood pressure level and other possible side effects.

Impotence is a really shameful problem for the men and it is very frustrating too. People lose confidence in themselves and moreover their social life gets wrecked. So if impotence is stopping you from expressing your love to your partner then make decision to get rid of this problem right now and if you are looking for reliable online source, you can trust us because our company is helping people with this problem for the last 13 years and our standard has not fallen.

Pfizer is a name of trust, guarantee, availability, accessibility, affordability and convenience. We offer hundred percent satisfaction to our clients. So stop thinking and contact us to get your problem solved, the solution to your impotence is just a click away from you.

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