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Building Blocks of Relationship

All young men have the same dream. They dream of getting a good and well paying job, be loaded with money, have a fast car and a smart girlfriend. It takes a while for them to equip themselves and attain these goals.

With marriage comes a greater responsibility. It is quite natural for couples to look forward to buying their own home and planning for a family. Buying a home is not a simple matter for it means long term financial responsibility. It is always better to start planning towards this as early as possible.

After a few months of marriage, the couple actually gets to know each other. It is quite surprising but true that the knowledge about sex and intimate relationship is not known to many and if known the information may not be appropriate or complete. Many times couples discover at this stage that they are not able to enjoy normal sexual relationship or satisfy each other. This is when they hit a road block.

Lack of knowledge can be a hindrance and can harm the relationship. Though pre marriage counseling system may be available in few communities, not many people now days go through the counseling and prepare themselves for marriage. Another fact is also true that with access of media, the information regarding sex be it right or wrong is accessible and most people believe that by watching few videos their understanding of sex and relationships is complete.

For any two individuals to enjoy a healthy married relationship there are many factors that are important. First and foremost both the individuals should be emotionally prepared for the relationship and be looking forward to a healthy physical relationship. The emotional state of the individual is very critical and necessary for the arousal mechanism in the body to be activated. Only when both partners are aroused can a sexual intercourse happen.

It is advisable for the couple to go through a few sessions to understand all about physical relationship and what precedes a healthy physical act. With the right information and understanding both partners would be able to prepare themselves mentally and play their role fruitfully.

In many cases it is quite possible that there could be some physical shortcomings or problems faced by one of the partners leading to their inability to engage in physical act of love making. Women often suffer from physical, gynecological or hormonal problems apart from emotional factors which can affect their physical drive to engage in sexual relationship.

In case of men too, it is quite common to find men young and old suffering from various problems like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction as well as lack of libido etc. These could be symptoms of an underlying physical illness or any other problem in the body.

If the issues are not address medically with the help of competent medical experts, the relationship can get affected. In most cases the erectile dysfunction in men can be easily cured with the help of Viagra which will be prescribed by the doctor after proper diagnosis. When consumed Viagra helps men achieve and sustain erection. Combined with physical exercise and changes to lifestyle, men can overcome this problem easily and continue taking Viagra as per prescription and resume a normal life.

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