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The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a virus that affects the immunity of a healthy person. In advanced stages, it leads to AIDS that stands for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and is considered to be one of the biggest causes of deaths among men.

Leading a happy and healthy life is a blessing of God and everyone must care of his health. But the daily routine schedule has made the lives of many people troublesome. Now, people are very busy in their work and do not find time for their medical checkup. The importance of routine medical checkup is necessary because it keeps one aware of his current health condition.

Everyone is trying to reduce the weight because they know that obesity is the second name of disease. Obese people suffer from lot of diseases in which high blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases are common one. Problems are not ended here but obese people suffer from many difficulties during treatment of many diseases.

Originally, the term impotence indicated an inability to reproduce. Nowadays this term refers to anything that leads to unsatisfactory sexual intercourse, impotence is most often used as a synonym for erectile dysfunction which is a less emotionally hurtful term for impotence. Generally the term 'impotence' encompasses any disturbance in the experience or process of sexual intercourse.

Nature is ever changing and is in control of everything in our physical universe. Though man thinks that he can master nature, it is not possible to do so, for his understanding of nature's ways and works is very little.

All young men have the same dream. They dream of getting a good and well paying job, be loaded with money, have a fast car and a smart girlfriend. It takes a while for them to equip themselves and attain these goals.

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem in males across the globe nowadays. This problem was once a "taboo" and never spoken of. It was especially a subject you never discussed with your physician. Not so any more!

You must have hard about sporting activities such as football, tennis, volleyball, rugby, athletics and others such as badminton. For you to become a top sportsman or rather achieve sporting recognition, foremost, you have to certain that you health and fitness is at check.

Lifestyle ailments have become a common phenomenon in many people today as health is being emphasized on. However, this does not have to be the case as long as the food eaten is the right quantity and quality. But if the situation is already out of hand, then a health and fitness centre should be visited so as to work out and be advised accordingly. Thereafter, the process of regaining the old self should be consistent and patiently done.

There is no man who doesn’t like to look good at all times. At every age men want to look fit and trim as well as sport black hair. Though their mental image of themselves is a very smart and handsome young man, the reality could be something different altogether.

Men were reluctant to discuss the problem and were often less than honest when answering questionnaires. Now we have the evidence as millions of prescriptions are written every year, while an unknown number of men buy their viagra online without a prescription. The demand for this medication is spectacular.
What people say about Viagra

Herbert: Worst thing I faced few months ago was problem in getting penile erection. My relationship with my girlfriend was on edge but then I started taking Viagra on the request of my friend. Luckily, I got rid of this problem for the duration of sexual intercourse.


Burgess Steven: I got the best website which contains information about Viagra medicines and its use for ED treatment. Very useful website for me.


Cardillo Max: I work more than 12 hours job daily. Daily work load makes me stressful and it becomes hard for me to get proper penile erection for sex. By using Viagra, now it has become possible to have sex for me even when I have anxiety.


Seeley Birgit: I was spending a happy life but then I came to know about my erectile dysfunction problem. It was a very sad moment for me. Then I reach to a doctor who was competent in dealing with this problem and he recommended me to use Viagra. I am very happy with the way it works.


Health diseases are increasing very rapidly in people. There are many reasons which are told by the doctors for this increment. Here I shall discuss some of them so that people can avoid these causes as well as the health diseases. We know that traffic on roads has increased very much and they are creating a lot of air pollution. Besides this, numbers of industries near the lake and rivers are becoming the cause of water pollution. These types of pollution are enough to cause many health problems. In today's age, people have also started taking very unhealthy diet. After going to their offices, they do not think a little about the after affects of that particular food. Many restaurants sell the food which contains high cholesterol. We know the high level of cholesterol inside the body can become the cause of a lot of problems. It also create high blood pressure problem by distracting the flow of blood through blood vessels. After getting the blood pressure problem, the person starts facing many heart and other health problems. It is very necessary for all people to try to avoid all those things which can become the cause of medical problems.

In this article I shall tell you about the use of a well known medicine made by Pfizer pharmaceutical company. The brand name of this medicine is Viagra but it is also sold with the name Revatio and Sildenafil citrate. Sildenafil citrate is the generic name of Viagra medicine and usually professional doctors and medicines dealers use this word during dealing. If you are facing any problem in finding this medicine, then you should ask the chemist with its other names. Some medical stores sell this medicine by its other names i.e. Revatio and Sildenafil citrate.

What is the main purpose of using Viagra medicine? Viagra is basically used to increase the blood flow rate. Those people who are facing problem regarding less blood flow rate are prescribed to use Viagra by the professional doctors. People who suffer with erectile dysfunction also become the victim of this sexual problem because the blood flow rate inside their body remains low. The blood flow rate becomes high in a normal person when he is sexually stimulating. But the patient of erectile dysfunction does not feel any raise in blood flow. Due to this reasons, his penis remains flaccid even when he is ready for sexual intercourse. By taking the prescribed dose of Viagra, the blood flow through the vessels becomes high and the penis becomes erect for sufficient time. In such a way, the impotent person becomes ready for sexual activity with his partner. The use of Viagra can provide penile erection up to 4 hours. If you are taking Viagra and your penis erection does not go away after 4 hours then you must take immediate help from your health care provider. It might by the sign of Priapism in which erection does not go away from the penis. So your contact with your family doctor is very necessary during ED treatment.

How does this medication work?

On ne s’amuse pas avec le Viagra

Le viagra est un médicament comme les autres et a ce titre, il ne doit pas être pris à la légère, sur un simple coup de tête. “Ceux qui le font sont pourtant nombreux !”. C’est un fait, pitoyable certes, mais que l’on ne saurait ignorer. Plusieurs questions méritent d’être posées concernant ce phénomène et la première d’entre elles est incontestablement de savoir pourquoi ?

Plus de la majorité de ceux qui ont recours à la pilule bleue sans consultation médicale préalable sont de jeunes adultes. C’est probablement le fait qui choque le plus. Physiologiquement parlant, ils ne font pas partie du groupe de “nécessiteux”. Cependant, non seulement ils viennent à peine de se lancer dans la vie sexuelle, mais souffrent en plus d’un énorme complexe d’infériorité. La peur de ne pas être a la hauteur les pousse à prendre un médicament dont ils n’ont pourtant pas besoin.

Que gagne-t-on, ou plutôt, que perd-on à employer le viagra à des fins “récréatives” ? Au début, on gagne énormément. L'érection sera effectivement dure, longue, rapide et on aura le temps de se faire plaisir, faire plaisir à sa compagne et augmenter son “prestige”. Un seul hic, la fête ne sera pas de longue durée.Que gagne-t-on, ou plutôt, que perd-on à employer le viagra à des fins “récréatives” ? En fin, l’usage récréatif finira par devenir obligatoire. Pas vraiment impressionné ? Il y aurait pourtant de quoi.

Revenons sur le principe de base : le viagra est un médicament et non un aphrodisiaque naturel. Cela signifie que sa prise ne reste pas sans influence sur l’organisme. La majorité des hommes redoutent des érections courtes et “molles”, tout en estimant que le contraire est de loin préférable. Ce n’est pas tout à fait le cas. Le priapisme - une érection de très longue durée (plusieurs heures) - peut non seulement laisser des souvenirs très désagréables, mais également avoir des retombées irréversibles. On peut citer entre autres une ischémie, conséquence directe d’une thrombose ou encore la destruction systématique des vaisseaux du pénis. Le patient pourra s’estimer heureux s’il n’observe qu’une baisse de la fonction érectile, car s’il est poisseux, il risque de développer une gangrène qui s'achèvera par une castration obligatoire. Au fait, a-t-on déjà fait allusion aux cas mortels ? Parlons-en ! Crise cardiaque, hémorragie cérébrale, infarctus du myocarde, hypotension et hypertension sont autant de complications qui découlent de la prise excessive de ce médicament.

Que faire donc, si on ne sent pas vraiment en forme et qu’on a l’impression de ne pas tout à fait être à la hauteur. L'érection sera effectivement dure, longue, rapide et on aura le temps de se faire plaisir, faire plaisir à sa compagne et augmenter son “prestige”. Avant de prendre du viagra, consultez un médecin pour vous assurer qu’il ne s’agit pas que d’une sensation. Tout le monde ne peut pas avoir des érections comme les acteurs pornos et pour être tout à fait honnête, il convient de se souvenir que ce ne sont que des films, qui ne se tournent pas en quelques minutes. Laissez donc la nature faire les choses et adaptez-vous envies et besoins sexuels aux capacités réelles de votre corps.

With the advent of industrialization, impotence is deepening its claws in the community especially effecting older men. Men who have been stabbed with the dagger of impotence suffer from the shameful condition of being unable to erect their penis. Humiliating penile flaccidity takes the place of potent erection in those bearing impotence. Emotional disturbances and nutritional deficiencies are the major risk factors precipitating impotence. Pfizer pharmaceuticals, a highly successful pharmaceutical company, is on the way of searching new horizons in the sky of the world of drug industry. Pfizer has come up with the ultimate most promising solution to the curse of impotence by developing a highly effective drug Viagra. Pfizer’s Viagra is fighting impotence successfully since 1998. Viagra is now the doctors first choice and the most efficient drug available for impotence in the market.

Sildenafil Citrate

Types of male Impotence

Impotence of erectile dysfunction is a common sexual problem that has made millions of victims across the world. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction face inability to achieve and maintain penile erection for sufficient time required to complete sexual intercourse. There is good news for those people who are suffering from erectile dysfunction that they can lead a normal life by treating their sexual problem. There are different types of impotence and each type has its own way of treatment. Let us talk about these types in details.

Arteriogenic Impotence:

This type of impotence occurs when the blood vessels supplying the blood to the penis becomes narrow. Due to this, penis does not receive enough blood required for proper erection. This type of impotence usually occurs in those people who are above 50 years. Moreover, the chances of getting this impotence are very high in those people who are suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes.

Endocrinologic impotence:

This impotence occurs due to insufficiency of sex hormones present in the body. These hormones are testosterone and estrogen which are necessary for sexual intercourse in the blood stream. Any imbalance in their amount in blood stream can make the person impotent.

Impotence due to diabetes mellitus:

More than 50% of all diabetic patients are suffering from male impotence. But these people can make their sexual life normal by changing their life style which leads to control the blood sugar level. Such people will have to do morning exercise and change their eating habits in order to control their blood sugar level.

Neurogenic Impotence:

The working of our sexual parts is not only dependent on blood flow rate but many other systems also play vital role in sexual activity. Nervous system, peripheral nervous system, hormones and blood circulatory system are included in a process of giving penile erection. Mostly sexual parts are controlled by the brain activity. Brain receives the signal from the environment and prepare the body to respond against specific thing i.e. sexually stimulating. Signals are transferred from the brain to the sexual organs through spinal cord or blood stream. Due to this, spinal cord plays an important role in giving penile erection. Any injury of spinal cord due to accident can cause serious problems for the health of person. It also includes the erectile dysfunction problem that lasts longer. This type of impotence is usually treated by proper surgical method because the use of medicine does not affect a lot in this condition.

Psychogenic impotence:

Men also suffer from psychogenic impotence. This type can be seen in those people who are very depressed due to their office job, family problems or facing relationship problems. These all things lead a person to psychogenic impotence. This type of impotence is treated by effective communication between therapist and patient. All in all, it is possible to treat every type of impotence if the person really wants to enjoy a healthy and happy sexual life. Many other articles also explain about erectile dysfunction in details.

Pfizer, a leading pharmaceutical company, is serving its customers worldwide satisfactorily through its well known product Viagra since 1998. Many men in the world are suffering from impotence, it is really worrisome for the people. Pfizer is providing its honest services to help people having impotence. Viagra is a drug designed to help men with erection problems to achieve erection. This humiliating disease is increasing now-adays due to our careless eating habits and emotional traumas. Viagra by Pfizer is a very effective drug in combating impotence. It is useful and safe to use in men of every age.
There are basically two categories of people who order Viagra online. If you are ordering now online then you could fall into one of the categories. First category is of people who are into their late forties and above and the second category of people is the youth who are in their early thirties. The first group could consist of people who have erectile dysfunction problem and have been prescribed a treatment of Viagra by the doctor and the second category is of those who think that Viagra enhances their sexual drive and libido.
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